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Mini Deep Muscle Massage Gun


Power Specifications

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Product information:
Material: PC
Applicable scenes; running sports, fitness equipment, health massage, fitness beauty, sports trends, cycling sports, hiking camping, shooting sports, sports protective gear accessories, foot basket sports, table tennis and tennis
Specifications: Standard model, flagship model
Patent type: design patent

Battery capacity 2600 mAh 3400 mAh Power 18-95 watts 15-160 watts

Frequency 25hz, 36hz, 46hz 20hz, 26hz, 36hz, 46hz, 53hz
Endurance battery 1~4.5 hours 1.5~5.5 hours
Torque pressure 0~5.1kg/cm 0~7.5kg/cm
Amplitude 11 mm 11 mm
Smart mode 10 minutes smart synchronization 10 minutes smart synchronization
Speed indicator

Speed 1: 1500RPM Speed 1: 1200RPM
Speed 2: 2200RPM Speed 2: 1600RPM
Speed 3: 2800RPM Speed 3: 2200RPM
Speed 4: 2800RPM
Speed 5: 3200RPM

Flagship: Fascia gun with storage bag + metal head 

Standard: Fascia gun

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