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Air Fryer Chip Maker


Product information: Product Name: Air Circulation Fryer Control Mode: Touch Screen Control Liner material: non-stick liner Fryer Capacity: 10 Rated voltage: 220V Fryer Type: Visual Fryer Rated power: 1800W Machine size: 370*370* 460mm Packing list: Air circulation fryer*1 Grill mesh*1...

Air pressure scraping pedicure foot massager Air pressure scraping pedicure foot massager

Air pressure scraping pedicure foot massager

$393.22 $353.22

Massage principle Color: blue, Rose red and  Specifications 44 CM * 24 CM * 37 CM Power: 50 W Voltage: 220 V Frequency: 50 HZ Recommend using time: 15-30 mins Function Description: 1. Multi-point wheel movement massage for the whole...

Automatic Curling Iron Automatic Curling Iron

Automatic Curling Iron

$129.90 $114.90

Product information: Product name: automatic curling iron Function: Anion hair care, constant temperature control Power: 25W (inclusive)-39W (inclusive) Power supply mode: plug-in Color classification: blue purple gradient color 28MM Temperature adjustment gear: 3 gears and above Modeling time: less than...

Automatic Dough Mixer


Product information:  Rated voltage:>240V Power: 251W and above Function: Beat eggs, batter, and cream Placement method: desktop Material: 304 stainless steel Product Name: Multifunctional Chef Machine Product size: 348 * 228 * 278mm Motor: AC motor Packaging list: Noodle mixer+Noodle...

Automatic scale measuring Automatic scale measuring

Automatic scale measuring

$68.44 $58.44

Style: Rotating type with hole cover Number: 10 or more Baby includes 12 removable spice boxes, each containing an automatic measuring dial No need to use a spoon to get the required scale; the bottom dial is a perfect 1/4...

Automatic Watering Timing Controller Automatic Watering Timing Controller

Automatic Watering Timing Controller

$55.67 $45.67

Product information: Type: Bistable Solenoid Valve Specification: A: Single outlet solar rain sensor timer B: Dual outlet solar rain timer C: Single outlet timer + 10 sets of arrows, For potted plants D: single outlet timer + 20 groups of...

Baby Monitor Baby Monitor Baby Monitor Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor Baby Monitor

$95.44 $82.44

Product information: Frequency: 2400 (Hz) Effective image size: 5 inches (cm) Ambient temperature: -10-50 (℃) Power supply: 5V2A (V) Resolution: 640*480 Power consumption: 5 (w) Type: Baby monitor Model: SM50 Color: Color monitor Specifications: English American Standard US, English European...

Book Lovers Heart Ornament Book Lovers Heart Ornament

Book Lovers Heart Ornament

$25.58 $12.38

Product information: Product size: 70 * 80 * 4MM Product packaging: opp bag Material: Acrylic Color: as shown Packing list: Pendants*1

Bubble Girl Character Sculpture Decoration Bubble Girl Character Sculpture Decoration

Bubble Girl Character Sculpture Decoration

$99.90 $85.99

Product information: Material: Natural resin Process: Resin process Hanging form: ornaments Style: simple and modern Modeling: Character

Candlestick Metal candle holder Candlestick Metal candle holder

Candlestick Metal candle holder


Product information: Product name: Champagne electroplated light luxury candlestick Size: as shown in the figure above (manual measurement) Material: stainless steel electroplating alloy \ plexiglass The maximum diameter of the candle base is 8cm Does not contain a candle Package...

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