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Water Drops Cool Mist Maker Water Drops Cool Mist Maker

Water Drops Cool Mist Maker

$38.99 $28.49

Overview: 1. Anti-gravity perspective, visual experience of water droplets flowing backward, ultrasonic atomization technology, nano-fine mist, nourishing the air and relieving stress. 2. Interesting Design: Innovative anti-gravity design. Our humidifier uses optical technology to create the illusion of anti-gravity, making water...

Rechargeable Branch Shears Rough Rechargeable Branch Shears Rough

Rechargeable Branch Shears Rough

$84.90 $69.90

Product information: Scope of application: pruning Rated voltage range: AC single-phase and DC 50V above 250V and below Type: Electric scissors Power Type: Rechargeable - Lithium Battery Technology Packing list: Electric scissors + electric chainsaw plastic box all-round set *1...

Baby Monitor Baby Monitor Baby Monitor Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor Baby Monitor

$95.44 $82.44

Product information: Frequency: 2400 (Hz) Effective image size: 5 inches (cm) Ambient temperature: -10-50 (℃) Power supply: 5V2A (V) Resolution: 640*480 Power consumption: 5 (w) Type: Baby monitor Model: SM50 Color: Color monitor Specifications: English American Standard US, English European...

Round Soft Fluffy PV Velvet Sofa Bed Round Soft Fluffy PV Velvet Sofa Bed

Round Soft Fluffy PV Velvet Sofa Bed

$109.90 $94.90

Comfortable furniture for many occasions The versatility of the bean bag makes it a great alternative to sofas; lounge chairs and loveseats. It's perfect whether you're looking for a place to rest; play games; read; study; work or watch a...

Electrical diagnostics Electrical diagnostics

Electrical diagnostics

$99.90 $84.90

1. Determine at a glance whether the circuit is positive, negative or open, without the need to reconnect the clip from one battery pole to the other. 2. Test continuity through the built-in auxiliary ground wire. 3. By pressing the...

LED Portable Lamp LED Portable Lamp

LED Portable Lamp

$35.29 $25.29

Product information: Light source type: LED Power supply: charging Color: red under glaze, classic copper, bronze black Size: 15.2x7.6 (L * W) cm LED: 3W CREE Color temperature: 3000K Charging time: 4-5 hours Packing list: 1X camp light

Jellyfish Colorful Flashing Lamp Jellyfish Colorful Flashing Lamp

Jellyfish Colorful Flashing Lamp

$109.99 $94.90

Overview: 【Professional Stereo】The stereo surround sound effect is more than that of one pro. Two pro are networked and used. The left and right sound channels the ears at the same time. You can feel 360 stereo surround without dead...

Raining Cloud Humidifier Raining Cloud Humidifier

Raining Cloud Humidifier

$79.90 $64.90

Overview: 1. It last above 48 hours add water once you diffuse the essential oil with the flowing water. 2. Adding ambiance to your living room, office, bedroom, or anywhere you need to add a soothing touch. the flowing water...

Household Lithium Electric Lawn Mower


Product information: Charger input voltage/frequency: 220-240V 50/60Hz AC Material: Alloy - hard plastic Suitable place: Garden Scope of application: sod, shrub Overall size: 300 (mm) Charging time: 3-5 hours Battery type: 7.2V lithium battery Battery capacity: 1500mAh Motor type: Brush...

High-power radio lithium electric saw


Model: 002 Power type: rechargeable-lithium battery technology Rated voltage: AC single-phase and DC 250V above Specifications: Wireless 6-inch lithium battery chain saw (1 battery 1 charge), wireless 6-inch lithium battery chain saw (2 battery 1 charge), wireless 6-inch lithium battery...

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