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Graphene eye protector

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1. Charging voltage: DC5V/1A
2. Rated voltage: 3.7V
3. Rated power: 4.5W

Product Features:

1. Intelligent air pressure: The air pressure is inflated and deflated under the control of the microcomputer to regularly rub and press the important points of the eye, dredge the eye and head nervous system, and relieve fatigue.

2. Constant temperature hot compress: The new high-tech material graphene is used as the heating element, which is light and thin, convenient, stable in performance, and long in service life; the heating is uniform, no electromagnetic radiation is generated, and it is safe and reliable. The infrared wavelength emitted by the graphene heating film is close to that of the human body's far infrared, which has the effect of nursing and sleeping.

3. Vibration massage: Vibrate the eye muscles, relax muscles and invigorate blood, restore the elasticity of the ciliary muscle, enhance the adjustment ability of the lens, and quickly improve eye fatigue.

4. Bluetooth music: Bluetooth connection to play music, let the brain and body and mind enjoy the baptism of massage and music, 15 minutes to relax and refresh people.

5. Introduction to ten physical therapies of far infrared: promote blood circulation, activate biomolecular activity, enhance metabolism, joint pain, improve immune function, regulate autonomic nerves, promote circulatory system, beauty and skin care, anti-inflammatory and

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