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Running Training Face Mask

$24.90 $29.90
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6 Air Flow regulator allows you to push your limits. Whether you're an amateur or a pro this will help you improve your endurance twice as fast! Also comes with a custom branded string bag made specifically to carry your mask and workout gear.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL : Our unique flexible material makes this mask fit everyone comfortably, from a 115lbs girl to a 300lbs male it's going to adjust perfectly to your face.

CUT YOUR WORKOUT TIME IN HALF: Workout Mask by makes workouts more effective by simulating high altitude. It will force you to take full and deeper breaths, toughening your diaphragm and respiratory system.

FOR ANY SPORT: Seeing that there are no less than 6 breathing levels, the mask is adaptable to any environment and any sport. No matter if you are into running, biking, HIIT or cardio, your workouts will benefit from the different levels of oxygen that you can choose from due to the elevation mask.

SAFE TO USE: Exercise masks are complex sports equipment, but the 6 levels of oxygen make this mask safe to use no matter your level of performance or environment! All you have to do is carefully choose the level you need and you are free to do your regular workout, but now with a twist.

Package includes:
1 x Training Mask
1 x carry bag

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