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Christmas Santa Claus Deer Cart

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1.Great Christmas Decoration: The cute Santa Claus is riding a reindeer! It is a great Christmas decoration that will surely attract tourists, as children and adults will love it!
2.High-quality Suit: The suit is of high quality and self-inflating, suitable for the yard, lawn, entrance, hotel, building a rich atmosphere.
3.Inflatable Size: The product measures about 215cm in length and 140cm in height. When the internal LED lights on, it looks beautiful at night. When plugged into a standard power outlet, the built-in fan automatically inflates instantly.
4.Packing List: The package includes rods, tethers and blowers. If the product is deflated, it can be easily stored and can be used for many years preserving well.
5.Applicable Occasion: The Inflatable Santa Claus and two Reindeers are suitable for home courtyard, shopping mall, hotel, kindergarten event and other places.  

Name: Christmas inflatable deer cart
Size: Approximately 140cm in height * Width: 85Cm * 215cm in length
Voltage: 230V AC
Specification: individually packaged
Configuration: L ED lamp, blower, transformer, firm rope

Package Content:
1 x  Inflatable Santa Claus
1 x Fan
1 x Air Browser
5 x LED Light
2 x Ropes

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